Professional Manpower Outsource


Business requires skilled manpower with adequate professional qualification. With ever increasing business demands it becomes increasingly difficult for companies to get into the intricacies of screening hundreds of applicants and selecting the best out of them. They prefer to concentrate on the business and stay away from the time consuming process in recruitment. Now this is where a Manpower outsourcing company comes into the scene. Outsourcing is the procedure of transferring skill and expertise from one business unit to the other.


With uncertainty surrounding projects and changing dynamics at the workplace, several companies across the world are turning to manpower outsourcing firms to hire skilled blue-collar workers, for projects on a temporary basis rather than employing them full time.


Companies are increasingly learning the lessons of the global economic downturn and implementing cautious but smart strategies to adapt effectively to the dynamic market and still perform efficiently. Companies are also increasingly finding outsourcing manpower more cost-efficient, Grover added. Manpower outsourcing works well when companies requiring temporary staff at relatively short notice.


Why Outsource from Service City?

·        Cost reduction

·        Improving quality of your product by having the right talent who has good and knowledgeable skilled professionals in the field

·        Lowering pressure on HR department of hiring and maintaining skilled professionals

·        Emphasis on designing and research of a product rather than putting effort on meeting deadlines

·        Flexible contracts (Short term & Medium term)



EMEA has a huge pool of workers with specific skill sets and when the requirement comes, all they have to do is match the particular skills with the client requirements. We have very talented and experienced staff that can effectively analyse the client's requirement and judge the skills of the candidate. Our panel selectors enable us to outsource the best manpower to suit our clients business. With excellent communication skill our selector very dexterously judges the prospective clients strong and weak points.


We specialize in providing outsourced personnel’s for multinational organizations and major projects. The candidates are employed by us and outsourced to our clients on a short to medium term basis. We help both companies and individuals navigate the ever-changing world of work. We particularly specialize in Manpower sourcing for Technical experts.


EMEA provides workforce solutions, creates and delivers high-impact solutions that enable our clients to achieve their business goals and enhance their competitiveness. With long years of experience, our company creates unique time to value through a comprehensive suite of innovative solutions that help clients win in the Human Age. These solutions cover an entire range of talent-driven needs from recruitment and assessment, training and development, and career management, to outsourcing and workforce consulting. Our suite of solutions is offered through our Solutions, Experts, Manpower, and Right Management.


We are able to provide Interim Managers who can act as interim executives with decision-making power under corporate policies and statutes of our clients.

Professional Manpower Outsource includes:


 Information Technology [ IT ]




 Human Resource [ HR ]


Finance / Accounting / Audit


Health, Safety & Environmental

[ HSE ]


Quality Assurance / Quality Control [QA/QC ]








Oil & Gas specialists


Construction specialists


Dredging and Marine Engineering specialists