Our Team: 

The testimonial shall be at the bottom “EMEA team have shown us where we stand and they have position us on the right road to grow… They are a real business partner”

Our Team

Mohamed Abd El Azeem

Chief Executive Officer

| Phone: +44 74 40961639 - +971 55 108 8188

Passionate executive manager with 22 years of experience working in 11 countries in various industries (construction, consultancy, retail, manufacturing and hospitality). Financial expert skilled in project/program management, business management, business consultancy and operations.Developed brands from scratch to number of franchises in various countries. Raised millions in fund and increased revenue by 1800%, managed $5 billion project for construction and oil & gas and help identifying $1.5 billion in extra revenue through variations. Controlled & managed large number of projects for multinationals globaly. Managed number of consultancy projects in EMEA-MCS significantly improving business process, increasing revenue and profitability.  

Our Team

Dana Marwan Mubarak,  

General Manager 


| Phone: +44 74 4096 1639  - +965 9880 3313

I worked as a marketing consultant for different companies in Different countries such as Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, UK, Indonesia, Yemen, USA and UAE

Part of my work was to create and implement marketing strategies. These strategies are centered on the core of the business and what services and products they offer. and detailed marketing plan, determine the marketing message, and identify the appropriate marketing mix to get the message out.

I am skilled and knowledgeable in consumer behaviour and marketing process. It includes having the ability to identify the companies target market and position their product or service offering in a way that will interest consumers and make them want to buy.

Our Team

Faten Salama


Helping Organization in them Digital Transformation (DT) which is not necessarily about digital technology, but about the fact that technology, which is digital, allows people to solve their traditional problems. And they prefer this digital solution to the old solution.Certified coach for individual and teams, Talented public speaker with great communication skills and professional learning and development. Trainer and personal coach for number of famous individuals and big corporates. 12+ years of commendable retail, aviation, public & guest relation and tourism management experience. 

Our Team

Lara Bairaqdar

Business Analyst

22 year old Syrian who studied International Business Administration at VU Amsterdam and GAU Cyprus. Research enthusiast and passionate about writing stories, blogs and poetry. Nature and art lover. Most importantly devoted student of life lessons. A social being who is passionate about connecting with people, learning new things, discussing life events, exploring philosophical topics and wandering through mysticism. A visionary thinker always keen to expand perspectives through communicating, writing, traveling and music.

Our Team

Laetitia Honeine 

Product designer

Laetitia Honeine is a Belgian-Lebanese furniture designer based in Beirut. From 2012 to 2015, she studied interior architecture and pursued a master’s degree in Global design at the Académie Libanaise des Beaux Arts. Laetitia generally creates home products that are accessible and affordable to everyone. She enjoys renovating interiors on a budget and uses home staging techniques to make properties look more attractive. In her home studio, Laetitia paints, works on DIY projects and takes on various graphic design projects to help local businesses build their Identity. Since 2018, Laetitia has been a Lecturer at Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts where she teaches Design Methodology classes. In parallel to her work, Laetitia loves nature and animals; she grows her own fruits and vegetables at home and rescues stray cats, dogs and even birds when she encounters one in need of assistance.