EMEA is helping organizations to improve their performance, primarily through the analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans for improvement. Organizations do gain external (and presumably objective) advice and access to our consultants' specialised expertise.

Our firm is brining the industry best practices to our client through the transferability of such practices from our long to the specific nature of situation under consideration.


Using our proprietary methodologies and frameworks help us to guide the identification of problems, and to serve as the basis for our recommendations for more effective and efficient ways of performing work tasks.


We combine two approaches of consulting being the Expert approach and the Facilitative approach. At one hand, using the expert approach allow us to provide expert advice and assistance to our clients. At the other hand, using the facilitative approach we focus more on the process of consultation itself.


Change management consulting encompasses a number of techniques to achieve sustained improvement. Organizational change is also a part of every project we undertake and regardless of the specific techniques we use, our consulting solutions are based on distinguished logic flow.

  • First we use a systematic approach to enable you to assess your current operational state

  • Applying appropriate analytical and diagnostic techniques, we identify the most significant conflicts, constraints and impediments that hold you back and affect your key processes

  • We determining where changes are necessary and set new objectives

  • Finally, we implement and integrate the proposed changes


Market intelligence is the key to strategic decision-making.  Quantitative and qualitative methodologies are brought to another level to solve problem. Measure market size, growth, demand characteristics, detection of threats and opportunities through questionnaires, surveys, interviews and focus groups.


EMEA provides Market Research services, primary or secondary, qualitative interviews or quantitative market research surveys, to clients across all sectors. EMEA is a well-established, full service marketing research company specializing in market research data collection through market research surveys and focus groups. In addition to the Middle East region, we offer our services globally through our partners worldwide.



Quali in Quanti studies:

  • Satisfaction barometer (internal and external)
  • Mystery shopping (before and after sale)
  • Product diagnosis, service and company diagnosis
  • Marketing mix testing
  • Research of growth optimization, etc.



Strategic thinking: EMEA brings itself into its partners problematic to strategically understand and offer methodologies and solutions for success:

  • Face-to-face and telephone interviews
  • Secondary market research and analysis



International Coverage:

EMEA Consultancy works with different entities in the Middle East and Europe to offer its partners a wider range of expertise, knowledge and benchmarked information sources.




EMEA Strength lies in its qualitative database that offers top level of expertise.