As part of our commitment to our clients to provide a complete business solution, EMEA provides complete support in programming and web development solutions. Whether it is website designing and development, graphic designing or custom application development, our developers and designers have the expertise in all aspects.


Our IT Solutions Services includes:

·        Domain Name Registration

·        Web and Email Hosting

·        Website Designing

·        Web Applications Development

·        E-Commerce Solution

·        Smart Phone Apps Development

o   iPhone and iPad Applications

o   Android Applications

o   Windows Phone Applications

o   BlackBerry Applications

·        Content Management System

·        Online Marketing Services

·        Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

·        Software Development

·        Framework & Template Engine

·        Digital Publishing Services

o   Logos Designing

o   3D Graphics

o   Digital Image Editing


Domain Name Registration

Domain name is a unique word, or a couple of words, usually associated with an IP address, that represents a special place on the Internet. You need a domain name because it gives a name of your place in the biggest society in the world - the World Wide Web.



Website Designing

A Web design makes it possible to control the display and presentation of information on your web site. Your design is the first impression you make on your visitors. Professional website design packages and services are the key to your business's long term marketability and growth.

Our aim is to keep designs professional, clear and crisp, easy to navigate and quick to download. A good design reinforces your message and delivers it with the impact you deserve. It is the design that captures the browser's attention and it is the content and functionality that keeps the attention.

Give your website the professional layout and design needed to promote your online brand and business objectives with the technology and creativity to build sites that stand out of the rest and contribute to the success of your business. Our professional website design capabilities include website design services ranging from basic to advanced site design and implementation, to custom application development.


Our Web Design & Development Services include:

·        Static website development

  • Dynamic Website Development

  • Social Networking Site Development

  • Community Site Development

  • Portal Development

  • CRM

  • Face Book Fan Page

  • Logo Design



Smartphones Apps Develpment

IPhone & iPad Applications

Over 200 Million Apple IOS devices have been sold all over the world to date making it the number 1 mobile operating system with 44% of the mobile market. There are over 425,000 applications available online, 90,000 of them are specifically made of iPad and customers have download over 14 billion applications and games all over the world and that is less than 3 years. We are specialized in Apple Application Development e.g. iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch Custom Application Development and Game Development. We also have expertise in Web Portals, Graphic Designing for iPhone / iPad applications. We design and create successful applications for iPhone / iPad coordinating with clients and initiating Prototypes for the Apps. Our development process for a concept involves research and analysis on the scope of the Application and its target market.


Android Applications

EMEA offers professional Android Web and Custom Applications Development Services based on specific requirements. Our Android programmers and developers are experienced in Mobile Application Development using JAVA programming language and other available platforms. The powerful advance of Android is that it does not differentiate between a phone’s core application and third-party applications, so Android provides a vast area to develop custom applications.


Most of our clients build applications that require server connectivity. The apps allow users to create profiles, add and retrieve content, and for updates to be pushed to the device. Server content can also be protected with an array of DRM methodologies. Just think of the last time you accessed Facebook, you probably did so from your mobile device. All pictures, posts, messages, and notifications must be mobile ready and mobile enabled. Your developer should be familiar with all of these. Dont let them learn while you pay them.


Windows Mobile Applications

Windows Mobile is a very smart operating system for mobile devices by Microsoft. This OS consists of basic applications for such devices as Smart phones, Pocket PCs, computers for automobiles, various portable media centers and others. The latest versions of this OS are Windows Mobile 7 and Windows Mobile 6.5. We offer all kind of custom development for Windows Mobile Platform. With Windows Mobile Phone platform, applications can be developed in lesser time and cost by taking advantage of familiar Windows Development environment, comprehensive technical support and a consistent programming model.



Online Marketing Services

On average, more than 150,000 new website domains are registered every single day. That’s over 4,500,000 each month. Expecting potential customers to find your small business without a very well thought out internet marketing plan in place which focuses on multiple angles such as SEO, Social Media and Mobile Marketing is about like trying to find one specific sand pebble on the shores of Oahu. That’s where we come in. We take a lot of pride in looking at not only helping increase your visibility to attract new customers but in actually helping you establish and build real online relationships that will continue to increase your ROI for years to come.


Our Online Marketing Services include:

  • SEO (Off-page / On-Page Both)

  • PPC

  • SMM


Framework & Template Engine

Our services includes the following:

·        CakePhp

·        ZendFramework

·        CodeIgniter

·        Yii

·        Smarty Template Engine



Web and Email Hosting

When it comes to selecting a Web hosting service provider, we know that reliability and bandwidth are critical to the selection process. Your website IS your business and we understand that your hosting provider's dependability is critical. Our full-featured Web hosting packages are available for both UNIX® and Windows® users and include large amounts of disk space and data transfer, high capacity email storage, and the ability to manage and store customer information in numerous databases.


We provide Email hosting:

  1. Satisfaction-Guaranteed Uptime

  2. Automatic Backups and Easy Recovery

  3. Protection against Threats

  4. Protection from Spam and Viruses

  5. Protection from Blacklisted IPs

  6. Large Mailboxes and Large Attachments

  7. 24 x 7 x 365 Live Supports


Web Application Development

Your company has a unique structure and processes, and none of the out-of-box solutions matches your business 100%. Our web developers are here to listen to your in-house issues and build a custom enterprise solution to maximize your internal efforts across different channels so that you can focus on your business. Web app developers will morph your great ideas into workable web solutions. With top-talent web application development skills on board, our company will craft compelling web apps and jump-start your business.



E-Commerce Solutions 

A professional ecommerce web design is one of the most critical elements to your online success. Simply put, you'll never get a sale if customers aren't impressed with your site. The look of your ecommerce site shouldn't just "wow" your customers – it should also be well-organized and easy to navigate. We've got several ways to help design your store, no matter your budget. Our professional and talented graphic designers have extensive experience, skills and ready to create. They will carefully go through your artwork requirements and will produce an interesting design for any product you need: should it be a billboard or promotional booklet, should it be design in Dubai or for usage abroad.


Our E-Commerce Solutions Services include:          Magento Based Customization and development

  • Zencart

  • Os-Commerce

  • Prestasoft

  • Opencart

  • X-cart

  • Virtue mart store

  • 3dcart

  • Bigcommerce

  • Yahoo store template redesign

  • Sunshop


Content Management Systems 

We offer the ideal product to maintain websites with rich and dynamic contents. It comes with a variety of ready to use features that helps in developing content rich websites with lesser efforts and investment. It enables companies maintain their website even with staff having little or no web experience. It is a stable product for sites having enormous data requiring proper management capabilities. It is also ideal for both developers and designers who wish to customize and add additional features in CMS based website with full control on data, custom designs and coding. With ample support and services, companies planning migration of websites will surely experience seamless transformation.


Our Content Management Systems Services Includes:

  • WordPress

  • Joomla

  • Drupal

  • Mambo

  • Moodle

  • CMSsimple



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the most cost effective ways for any business to garner higher volumes of qualified traffic and web popularity. An effective web promotion is the most vital step in getting the web site exposure that you need. At least 80% of web site traffic is generated through Internet search engines and directory searches. We as a web development firm are focusing towards providing professional SEO & valuable SEM services that can help you in achieving the goals you have set for your website and to make your website popular. Our development team comprises of vibrant consultants, developers, designers. Each of our resource has a passion to excel and achieve our customer’s expectation. Web promotion services means listing your website at top position on leading search engines like Yahoo, Msn, Bing, Google, Altavista, AOL, Lycos.



Digital Publishing Services

  • ePub Conversion (ePub file format is supported by iBook Store / Nook / Sony Reader et