Corporate Training
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EMEA helps organizations developing their Human Capital Development Programs. Such programs will be translated into training programs where we will provide training services to organisations as well as individuals. Our practical approach, based on real industry experience, helps individuals and organisations develop and enhance management capabilities.


The strength of our training is the delivery by our experienced and qualified trainers and consultants who are experts in adult learning and skills transfer, global standards and best practice and have the confidence and track record gained as leaders in some of the most challenging management and project management roles.


Our passion is to improve individual and organisational effectiveness and performance.


Our Corporate Training Services includes:

·        Training Needs Analysis

·        Customised Training

·        Training Effectiveness

·        Couching


Training Needs Analysis [Practical Approach]

EMEA uses its processes to determine an organisation's training needs, the associated costs and the expected business benefits. We take a pragmatic approach to training needs analysis - our aim is to help our client articulate the rationale and the value of the training program.

We answer simple questions like:

  • What is the business outcome being sought from training?
  • What skills, knowledge, competencies and behaviours does the organisation need to create or foster in order to achieve it's strategic objectives?
  • What is the current state of these skills, knowledge, competencies and behaviours?
  • Will training on its own address the gap between the current and target levels?
  • What specific and measurable outcomes will the training program deliver?

Customised Training [Addresses Organisation-Specific Issues]

Customised training is often more effective in the organisational context because it addresses specific issues. Every one of our public training programs can be customised to address specific organisational requirements. Many times, materials are drawn from two or more workshops to create tailored training solutions for specific organisations. Many organisations begin this process by sending a small number of participants to our public training programs. Feedback from the training combined with a practical training needs analysis, will help the organisation identify opportunities to customize our standard training materials to address specific issues. We can customise any of its training programs to include client’s organisation's policies, processes and procedures. Such customisation is extremely cost effective and can deliver significant benefits to the organisation. One of the main advantages is the need to deliver one training program that incorporates generic concepts and organisation-specific intellectual property.


Training Effectiveness [Measurable Improvements]

Unless a training program exists simply for the sake of training, results should be measured and measurements should be acted upon. EMEA provides organisational assessment services designed to benchmark and regularly monitor key skill, knowledge and competency areas.

By routinely undertaking such organisational assessments, organisations are able to better tailor training programs to ensure they address key focus areas. Undertaken on a regular basis, such assessments become the basis for managing continuous improvement in key management functions.


Coaching [Embedding Lessons, Improving Performance]

Effective training improves performance. EMEA works with organisations and individuals to continue the learning process after the end of the training session. Trainers and consultants visit the place of work and sit alongside the workshop candidate, identifying opportunities to apply concepts learned to deliver real improvements in performance. Our focus is not to do the work for the participant. Rather through questioning techniques, we facilitate the client's own thought processes in order to identify solutions and actions. Our consultants and trainers observe, listen and ask questions to understand the client's situation.



Training is an integral part of building capability. EMEA is the learning and development partner for staff and management training to the private sector and government. We combine the unique capabilities of a Training Organization with the skills and experience of a professional management consultancy to deliver real and sustainable business results.


Our Corporate Training Services cover every aspect of the business and are customized for all level of the organization human capital:

·        Board of Directors Training Program

·        Senior Management Training Program

·        Strategic Planning Management Training

·        Leadership Training

·        Team Dynamics Training

·        Organization and Program Management Training

·        Project Management Training

·        Contracts Training

·        Assets Management Training

·        Sustainability Training

·        HR Management Training

·        IT management Training

·        Finance for Non-Financial Managers Training

·        Financial Management Training

·        Accounting Training

·        Budgeting Training

·        Sales and Marketing Management Training


Board of Directors Training Program:

Over time the world of the corporate board members has grown more complex. Competitive strategy has now become increasingly global in context. As well as this, cultural sensitivity and motivational management of business has become a vital component of day-to-day business activity. Board members working in all disciplines are the decision makers in strategic planning, financial planning, and are responsible for the organization overall strategy. This training program is build for board members to understand leadership & vision in an entrepreneurial society, to gain skills in leading the organization management team for the future, to maximise performance and minimise conflict, to consider strategic thinking and planning in a global context and to understand planning and management of strategic change projects.

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Sustainability Training

Sustainability is receiving escalating attention. For business this is a time of significant change - with both danger and opportunity. We have an expanding suite of courses to help business leaders understand the issues, consider the various scenarios and respond - from building resilience through to outperforming the market.

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HR Management Training

Managing the HR function in an organization requires the use of many skills, including the ability to manage yourself and others, and the ability to make informed decisions and solve problems effectively. This training will enable HR professionals to understand how to get employees on 'The Road to High Performance' and to help keep them there.

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Finance for Non-Financial Mangers Training

Successful profit center managers / revenue generators can be even more productive if they have a clear understanding of the financial and commercial considerations that impact on their business. This training is designed to fill this particular knowledge gap in a fast moving format that never gets boring. The trainer takes the participants through a practical, flexible, view of financial matters and translates the jargon, conventions, and formats of accounting into simple, easy to understand, language. One will feel comfortable with using financial terminology, and will have a clear understanding of what they mean, and how they impact on the bottom-line of the business.

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Accounting Training

International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) is dynamic accounting standards which are globally used by most of the countries world wide including the European Union the Middle East and others. These standards are being updated regularly and accounts shall be kept up to date with latest changes and the implementation impact of each of them. We provide all the knowledge and the experience for one to be kept updated with the latest changes in thefield.

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Senior Management Training

The business environment has become increasingly judgemental of the corporate manager. He / she is held to account for company growth, identification of strategic risk, weakness and opportunity, creativity and innovation, and the strength of communication, both internally, and with the company's external customer base. Indeed, customers, customer satisfaction, and intelligent analysis of customer trends, have now become one of the central operational concerns of all modern businesses. The task of modern senior management is complex, challenging, and multi-faceted. Indeed, some management thinkers are even beginning to argue that the era of 'the manager as superhero' has arrived. This training program will allow managers to absorb, in a concentrated manner, the key issues and principles which will help them build their capabilities and strengths. Each module will allow a significant time for analysis, self-assessment, and debate of the issues, both in group and individual activities.

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Strategic Planning Management Training

Strategic planning is now an essential part of a leader's daily work. In order to maintain their organization's competitive edge, leaders at all levels of an organization need to evaluate and priorities work, according to strategic goals. A successful strategic process engages everyone in the on going strategy of an organization, rather than leaving it up to individuals. This training includes a series of participative activities which will help guide business’ leaders in enhancing the long-term success of their organization. By the end of this training, one will have acquired the thought processes, framework, and analysis tools needed to engage others in the strategic thinking and planning process. One will be prepared to lead the broader strategic processes required to outperform their competitors, and reshape the organization for a successful long-term future.


Leadership Training

Today's organizations face new and greater challenges and so do their leaders.
Competition is fierce, the pace of change is relentless, the amount and complexity of information is overwhelming, and the tension between the absolute need to be strategic and the scarcity of time seems impossible to reconcile. Adding to this pressure is the challenge of attracting, developing, and retaining the talent needed to remain competitive, adapt to change, and ensure the organization's survival. In this environment, it is no longer adequate for leaders simply to work harder and acquire new skills. Successful leadership today demands that leaders work on the right things and develop the right skills if they are to address their organization's immediate and strategic challenges. This training program focuses on developing the leadership abilities and attitudes of individuals.


Team Dynamics Program

An organization is only as competitive as its management is capable. In order for an organization or business to meet goals and maintain advantage, sound leadership and organizational frameworks need to be in place to ensure that teams are working well together. Good management cultivates innovation and fosters productivity. Ineffective team management can lead to frustration, low morale, even loss of revenue. In this course, participants will explore the attributes of a well-organized team and learn how to assemble and lead a more energized, fulfilled and productive workforce.


Organisation and Program Management Training

In today’s fast paced environment, more and more focus is being given to organisation and program management. The training delivers the latest in concepts, plus theory, practical knowledge and experience across Program Management Fundamentals, the Concepts in Program Management, Business Benefits Realisation, and Organisation Change Management.


Project Management Training

Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. By the time, projects are becoming extremely complicated and managing project stakeholders in such a complicated environment needs special skills and tools. This project management training will learn participants on how to plan a project to ensure successful delivery and stakeholder satisfaction, apply best practices to plan and run projects using a 6-step project management process, implement risk management techniques and deploy mitigation strategies, estimate and schedule task work, duration and costs with confidence and implement monitoring tools to keep you in command of the project and team.

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Contracts Training

Contracting and professional development programs give you a solid understanding of the acquisition community. Content provided prepares you and your employees to understand the entire procurement process, and ensures that your skills stay effective, current and on target.

Whether one is a contracting or acquisition professional in government or with a commercial firm, it’s important that one is confident and well versed in a wide range of acquisition knowledge both in and outside his/her area.







Asset Management

The Asset Management courses are designed to suit specific Asset Management needs within a training framework. They explore gaining general buy-in and awareness of Asset Management best practices and Asset Management specification; and facilitate a detailed understanding of key Asset Management processes, systems, tools and techniques.


IT Management Training

Information technology professionals have to get the professional knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage IT resources, implement new technologies and efficiently use existing technology to maximize corporate investment. They need to be able to Apply financial knowledge to manage IT projects, including basic accounting, budget preparation for services, and capital and operational budgeting Communicate the value of IT investments to end users and executive management, to coordinate customer support expectations and delivery to develop effective strategic and business plans to ensure IT infrastructure is efficient, to evaluate and align IT resources with business goals, to manage a team of IT staff including outside contractors and vendors and to manage both internal and outsourced IT projects

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Finance Management Training

Business officers are responsible for a wide range of activities, including financial management, contract and grant administration, data security, contract negotiations, facilities and space management, safety programs, strategic planning, and human resource administration. They must manage resources effectively and efficiently, identify and mitigate risks to attain unit objectives, maintain a sound financial condition for the unit and its programs, and comply with applicable laws, regulations and corporate policies. This training program is meant to provide step-by-step approach to go through the financial management concepts and there use in business to achieve the organization’s short and long-term objectives and goals.

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Budgeting Training


In this budgeting training, one learns create, review, and manage budgets. Virtually every aspect of budgeting is covered, from preparing income statements and company expense reports, to developing own personal plan. One learns different types of budgets and the elements of a successful budget. One also learns how to create a budget, analyze and compare budgets, and create operating and manufacturing budgets. Course activities also cover the basics of capital budgeting, discounting cash flow methods, determining discount rates, assembling a capital budget, and justifying a capital budget.